About Your Orthodontic Separators

What Do They Do?
Separators act to gently separate your teeth very slightly to allow enough space for the placement of your orthodontic bands.

What Do They Look Like?
Separators are made of biocompatible latex rubber and are shaped like tiny rings. The separators are placed between the teeth which are to be banded.

Taking Care of Your Separators
It is important that your separators remain between your teeth to allow for adequate separation. You should avoid any sticky, chewy foods or candy (especially gum and caramels) to prevent dislodging the separators. You should brush your teeth as usual, buy avoid flossing between the teeth that are separated.

Some Things to Expect
Like anything new, a period of adjustment is natural and to be expected. Even though your teeth will be moved by the separators just a tiny amount, you may still experience some tenderness in the teeth being separated. Because tooth movement is a new experience for you, it may take you a day or two to get used to the new sensation. Our patients usually tell us that the separators don’t “hurt”, they just “feel weird”. After two or three days, any discomfort which may have been present should be resolved, and you can expect to feel 100% better.

Should your separators fall out at any time before your banding appointment, contact our office immediately so that arrangements can be made to have the separators replaced.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call us!

George H. Nahas, D.D.S.
Thomas J. Donahue, D.M.D.
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