It's Up to You - After Treatment Care

Dear Patient,

Congratulations! You are now at a point in your treatment when your orthodontic result can be expected to be stable without continued observation by our office. It is critical to the stability of your result that you continue to wear your retainer two nights a week (Monday and Thursday). There are always forces present in your mouth (such as muscular forces generated by chewing, eating, and talking) that have the potential to move teeth. Your retainers are designed to counteract these forces.

Should you ever lose or break your retainers, be sure to contact our office for a replacement. Should your retainers ever become tight or loose, please contact our office for an adjustment.

As we discussed when your treatment began, included in your treatment fee were your initial treatment records, your braces, one set of retainers, and two years of retainer observation. Any adjustment appointments scheduled from the point will be subject to a nominal office visit fee.

Again, congratulations - and keep smiling!

Nahas and Donahue Orthodontics
George H. Nahas, D.D.S.
Thomas J. Donahue, D.M.D.
Orthodontic Specialists