What Foods to Avoid with Your Braces

Loose bands, poor oral hygiene, and a diet high in sugar can cause permanent damage to your teeth and gum tissues.

In general, you should avoid anything sticky, chewy, crunchy, or hard.

Specifically, you should ESPECIALLY avoid the following:
• Gum
• Caramels
• Taffy
• Chewy Candy Bars
• Hard Cookies and Breads
• Popcorn
• Kernels
• Ice Chewing
• Spare Ribs
• Hard Pretzels
• Chicken Bones
• Bagels
• Pizza Crust
• Soda (or other sugary drinks)
• Biting ice
• Chewing pencils/pens

*Apple, pears, raw vegetables, and corn on the cob can be eaten if cut up into small pieces and chewed slowly and carefully.

Remember to use common sense when choosing what and how to eat. Your appliances have been placed with adhesives which are designed to fracture when force levels placed upon them approach those levels which will result in damage to your teeth. Avoiding those excessive forces which are created when you eat hard, sticky, or chewy foods is key.

Remember, successful treatment depends heavily upon you! If you should have any questions, please feel free to call us!

George H. Nahas, D.D.S.
Thomas J. Donahue, D.M.D.
Orthodontic Specialists
Orthodontics for Adults and Children