About Your Orthodontic Headgear

Your headgear has been prescribed for any of the following reasons:

• To hold or move back the upper teeth and upper jaw
• To hold or move up or down the upper teeth or upper jaw
• To allow and enhance development of the lower jaw and to encourage it to grow properly

What Does it Look Like?
There are many different types of headgear, but all have the following in common: A heavy wire called the headgear bow, which attaches to the tubes of the molar teeth bands. The headgear bow has both an inner and outer part, the inner which rests inside the mouth, and the outer, which rests outside the moth. A neck or head strap which rests against the next or head to provide the elastic force necessary to move the teeth.

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Wearing Your Headgear
You should wear your headgear precisely as instructed, beginning at one hour a day and increasing wearing time for an additional hour each day. When you have reached 3 hours of daily wear, you are ready to wear the headgear through the night. Ideally, you can’t wear your headgear too much, but your headgear should be worn for a minimum of 12 to 14 hours daily (awake + sleeping time), unless specifically instructed to do otherwise. The longer and more consistently you wear your headgear, the faster the goals it will accomplish will be achieved - it’s up to you!

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Some Things to Expect
Like anything new, a period of adjustment is natural and to be expected. Your teeth, neck, cheeks, and lips may all initially experience some soreness and irritation. Sleeping with your headgear may also be frustrating at first, and an extra pillow often helps. However, after a few days of adjustment, you can expect to feel 100 percent better! Some of our patients even tell us that, after a while, they have trouble sleeping without using their headgear!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call us!

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